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2022 Salina Biennial
Salina, KS

Excited for the sculpture "3653" to be included in this exhibition of contemporary art from the mountain-plains region of the USA. 

This artwork is a 10-year anniversary celebration. Each of the 3653 valves represents one day lived in Taos and speaks to the ephemerality, beauty, and resilience of an impermanent life lived, where every day is a breathtaking gift. And where there is time and encouragement to take a closer look and fall in love with every detail of nature that is around us on the land where we live, inspiring us into stewardship and preservation of these gifts. 

Dimensions: 72"w x 72"h x 6"d

Material: tall tumble mustard

"The selected artists’ work reflects a breadth of interests—from aesthetic and formal concerns to issues of representation and identity, geographies and borders, and practices seeking to re-articulate or elucidate fraught sociohistorical issues."

-Tyler Blackwell, Juror

2022 Salina Biennial Exhibition:
May 25th through September 4th, 2022
Dune Shack Artists Residency
Provincetown, MA


Beyond grateful to be selected as an artist-in-residence for 3 weeks in a remote National Seashore Historic Dune Shack to live with, appreciate and commune with Cape Cod seashore flora, fauna and landscape, while making art.


The project, i will be making is rooted in drawing. Materials will be handmade-paper sketchbook pages with marks made from natural pigments and one fine line ink pen.


The inspiration will be any natural environmental element to create imagery abstracted from these environmental-based sensual prompts.

Works will be on view as they are created on the dunes. And are available through Ranger led dune tours.

Dune Shack Exhibition:

Aug 6th through September 3rd, 2022

c marquez

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