“Is not impermanence the very fragrance of our days?”-Rainer Maria Rilke


Living barely on grid in northern New Mexico, my 3D biotic, grid installations are informed by cellular, landform and celestial patterns. Using raw, natural, site-relevant materials, i employ processes of deterioration, weathering, and intricate hand-work to develop the work over time, but the works are inherently impermanent. They are an integration of my experience and surroundings into the work, and the work into the environment, as lightly and sensually as possible. The only intentional residues of my work are beauty and emotion.


Pigments and construction materials are derived solely from one plant specific to the land on which i live: tall tumble mustard. These pigments are also exclusively used in my sketchbook practice where i chronicle visual and sensual expressions of my engagement with physical, intellectual and emotional surroundings. This work is grounded in continuous research and supported by detailed documentation of my process. The intention of this work is to honor vulnerability, impermanence and cycles of life on our planet.

c marquez